Young Thug is hoping to get Elon Musk’s help with turning Slime City into an eco-friendly space. On Tuesday (Oct. 19), the Slime Language 2 emcee took to social media to reach out to the SpaceX CEO. “I wanna make Slime City solar powered wya Elon Musk,” he wrote on Facebook. Musk replied, “Talk to me in private.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Thugger was gifted 100 acres from his manager for his 30th birthday. He decided to name the property Slime City and he recently detailed plans to build nice homes, a water park and a trail to ride ATVs and dirt bikes on the property.

The “Go Crazy” rapper is also considering turning a section of the land into camping grounds. Slime City will also be the new home for his annual “Slime Fest,” according to his realtor Trey Williams. He told TMZ that Thugger has already spoken with engineers and architects about his schemes. Following the city’s approval, construction will begin on the property.

During a recent interview with Complex, Thugger said he wanted to make his property a haven for Black children. “Most of the city is going to be something that has something to do with kids,” he said. “Summer camps, school. A private school for Black kids.”

Last week, Thug dropped his newest LP Punk. Previously, he told Rolling Stone that the project would be nothing like his other music.

“This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album because it really teaches you — gives you life situations. It’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal,” the Atlanta rapper said at the time. “I think it’ll probably be the best album even though it’s not out.”

Check out Thugger’s post below.