/  10.02.2021

Rick Ross can certainly afford to pay to get his lawn cut. Nevertheless, according to a new profile by Rolling Stone, cutting his own grass has become a household chore Rozay enjoys doing himself. The platinum-selling rapper told the music publication that a clean, freshly mowed lawn is something he “looks forward to.” “I have my windows tinted. No one knows it’s Ricky Rozay, the biggest boss. AC’s down to 68 degrees, and I’m cutting. I’m looking for anything on the lawn that’s standing out or looking obnoxious,” he said. 

The feature, which is titled “Rick Ross… Luxurious Landscaper?!” delves into the “Blowin’ Money Fast” rapper’s domestic life — specifically exploring his affinity for cutting grass. Ross reportedly purchased an industrial-size John Deere lawn tractor in 2020 to mow the grass covering his mammoth estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. Rozay purchased the mansion, which previously belonged to boxing champ Evander Holyfield, in 2014 for $5.8 million, according to Forbes

For Ross, cutting the grass on his property can take between six and eight hours. But it’s worth it for the Boss, who calls his time atop a tractor “a beautiful event.” “When I’m in a tractor, I’m sitting seven feet in the sky, surrounded by nothing but peace: trees, deers, bucks,” he said. “I’m thinking about my children, my investments, my next moves on records. Every hundred yards, I’m seeing something I never noticed before. I’m smoking the best cannabis.”

Perhaps, the peace Ross is referring to stems from his childhood when he used to cut grass to earn some extra cash in his Carol City, Florida neighborhood. “In my Black community, you made paper if you had a successful landscaping company,” he recalled. “I knocked on your mom’s door and told her if she had $5, I’d cut the grass in the front, just not the back, because I was afraid of snakes. If I had to cut every yard on the block to put some money in my pocket, I’m with it. I’m still that same dude. That’s why I’m still doing it.” 

While Rolling Stone estimates Rozay saves nearly seven figures in landscaping costs, it’s clear that mowing his own lawn is more than just a tactic to save money. Being involved in his empire and “remaining hands-on,” he said, “defines a boss.” “Cutting grass is just as fun to me as riding an ATV… I want my shit looking like a golf course.”


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