“Get Dre on the phone!” The unanswered demand by REVOLT Chairman Diddy rings even louder today (Sept. 18) after an impromptu Verzuz battle transpired Friday (Sept. 17) night on Fat Joe’s Instagram Live.

After briefly discussing his own battle with Ja Rule, Joe was able to round up Swizz Beatz and Snoop Dogg to talk about who should be featured in the next matchup on Triller Network’s head-to-head music platform.

Initially, the trio talked about the intricacies between a Diddy vs Dr. Dre event. “It’ll be a hell of a production,” Swizz commented. “He’s a control perfectionist, so the only way this shit’ll work is if it’s his shit on his platform, on his time… I’m just being real,” Snoop replied. “The only way he’s going to get in there is if its appealing to him and it’s fun to him and he calls Swizz like ‘nigga that shit looks fun, I want in.’”

“He definitely did call us on that but he has some Dr. Dre rules,” Swizz said. “I feel like Puff and JD is the za za za.”

“I don’t know who don’t want to be there,” Joey Crack chimed in. “If Jermaine Dupri and Puff go at it…This is colossal, this is gigantic. They need about 30 – 40 songs…”

“They both got catalogs, they both got great production, they got great songs they rapped on, great artists they produced. Them two right there, that’s a party,” Snoop said.

Neither of them knew what would ultimately take place later that night. JD happened to be waiting in Joe’s comments, ready to enter the IG Live chat. The So So Def Records founder has had an illustrious career in hip hop — filled with chart-topping anthems — that spans over three decades. So, it’s understable why the superproducer would want to face-off with Diddy. He challenged him in an IG caption shortly after Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz, prompting Diddy to reply, “Your arms are too short to box with God.

Around the 62-minute mark, Diddy joined Joe’s IG Live where he reaffirmed his remarks. “I’m not here to play,” Diddy said. “You amnesia having mother fuckers. I done gave ya’ll life for 20 years of music. You know what I’m saying? Anything I touched, anything I breathed on, executive produced, anything I thought up, anything I fuckin’ did whatever. You hear me? Don’t play with me boy.”

Unwillingly, later in the Live, Puff played his ‘98 hit “Victory”” featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. He followed that with snippets of “Who Shot Ya?” then “Hypnotize,” by B.I.G. and “Real Love” by Mary J. Blige. Later, he would tease “All About the Benjamins,” “Mo Money Mo Problems” and the “O Let’s Do It (Remix).” Despite constant requests from Joe, Snoop, and Diddy, JD declined to respond with a track of his own. “Sign the paperwork,” he said.

Whether or not the two hip hop heavyweights will face off — under JD’s terms — remains unclear. However, Swizz and Timbaland mentioned they’ll do their best to make it happen. Within the fire emojis and praise from their peers on Joe’s Instagram comments, DJ Funkmaster Flex wrote, “Damn! It’s been so many years since I heard @jermainedupri/ @diddy talk crazy!!!!! I don’t need the battle!! Crazy talk was enough!!!!”

Watch Fat Joe’s full IG Live below: