T.I. confirms that his next album will definitely be his last

Big Bank and DJ Scream returned with an explosive new live episode of “Big Facts” featuring guest rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. — better known as T.I.

S1 E37 | T.I.


S1 E37 | T.I.


DJ Scream and Big Bank share nothing but “Big Facts” in their podcast, as they chop it up with today’s popular figures in the entertainment industry.

Big Bank and DJ Scream returned with an explosive new live episode of “Big Facts” featuring guest rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. — better known as T.I.

As many fans may know, a lot has transpired over the last several months regarding the Takers star, which landed him in some not-so-positive headlines following several allegations of sexual misconduct. The damage was so severe, it even cost him some significant job opportunities. On the latest installment of the “Big Facts” podcast, the 40-year-old sat down to discuss some of those controversies, cancel culture, retirement, and more.

With 11 studio albums, 13 mixtapes, several compilation projects, and over 60 music awards under his belt, T.I. says he’s ready to close that chapter of his life and confirmed that his forthcoming album will be his last. “If I must explain it to them, it’s over. It’s over,” the emcee repeated.

When he received pushback from Scream, who cited several rappers who once claimed they retired, including JAY-Z, only to return to the business, T.I. fired back, “I don’t care enough. I don’t’ care enough, bro.” Then, when asked what he’d do if he weren’t rapping, the “Big Shit Poppin’ (Do It)” emcee said, “What I been doing, keep getting money.”

“I mean, look, bruh, I ain’t gonna lie to you, man. I just don’t care about the same shit other motherfuckers care about, bruh. That shit don’t mean shit to me; it really don’t,” he added. “When I went to prison and came home, I learned what the fuck was important. This shit ain’t about nothing… Other people’s opinion of me is not my motherfucking business. I ain’t finna be out here, nigga, rapping and losing my breath trying to convince you that I am what I already know that I am. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care.”

But, there was a twist. “Now check me out. I never said I was gone stop making music,” the artist said. “I ain’t got no business competing for y’all attention with the rest of the young people trying to get in the game. I ain’t got no business doing that.”

T.I. went on to explain that his next musical project would be for himself. He noted that he’d be appreciative if fans gave it a listen, but he honestly doesn’t care either way. Tip added that he refused to end up like other acts like Kanye West and Lil Wayne, who he claims have given their all to the industry. “Niggas like Wayne. Nigga, Wayne tatted his whole fucking body, nigga. He can’t do nothing else, nigga. This is him. This is it. I ain’t that. Ain’t never ben that.” T.I. said. He added that there’s so much more that he wants to do, stating, “I refuse to fit myself or confine myself in this little bitty box just so y’all can be comfortable in how you see me as a rapper.”

When asked about his stance on freedom of speech in the music industry and the dreaded “cancel culture,” T.I. had the same answer, “I don’t’ care.” The “Big Ol Drip” rapper acknowledged his significance in the hip hop community and how that may hold him to a different standard. But, the star maintained, “I have been fortunate enough to be in a place where I can listen to the spirit speak to me, and sometimes, I move to speak on certain shit. That don’t mean I give a fuck about how y’all feel about what I say,” he explained. “I’m saying it because the spirit spoke to me and moved me to say it. Once I said it, how you deal with it and digest it is your business. It got nothing to do with me.”

Furthermore, T.I. said, “Listen, I don’t’ know who needs to hear this, but you cannot cancel what you didn’t create.” He added, “As far as I’m concerned, within the cancel culture, I don’t give a fuck simply because I’ll never give another human being the credit for the blessings that God gave.

The “Jefe” rapper doesn’t appear to care about the serious sexual allegations being made against him either that include assault and drugging, stating, “Listen man, that shit don’t hurt me.” Though he showed gratitude for not being questioned about the situation, the artist gave some insight into what had been going on when Big Bank asked him cut and dry, “What the hell they talking about you drugging hoes and shit?” Shaking his head, T.I. yelled, “Shit didn’t happen!”

“To be honest with you, bro, stupid people listen to stupid people,” he continued. “It’s simple as that. The name of the show is ‘Big Facts .’ You show me one motherfuckin’ big fact on the subject, and we can have this discussion. Give me one. I’m coming from the top of it. This shit started January 29th.”

Bank told T.I. that he needs to be more cautious about who he allows in his home and even suggested having guests sign a confidentiality form. When Bank mentioned an apology, raising his middle finger, the rapper reiterated his stance on cancel culture, “I know from whence my blessings come, I’m not negotiating with no terrorist. Do your worst.”

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