Interviewer’s reaction to Lil Nas X’s red carpet look at 2021 MTV VMAs goes viral
Photo: FilmMagic
Interviewer’s reaction to Lil Nas X’s red carpet look at 2021 MTV VMAs goes viral
The 22-year-old star wore a lavender half-gown-half-suit before taking home three awards.

The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards was a successful night for Lil Nas X, but one journalist had something to say about his red carpet fit. The 22-year-old rocked several high-fashion pieces throughout the evening, including a lavender half-gown-half-suit designed by Atelier Versace at the MTV VMAs pre-show.

While chatting with broadcast journalist Jamila Mustafa on the red carpet, Lil Nas X appeared to fish for a compliment about the ensemble, saying, “I’m happy. I look good. Do I look good?” However, the journalist’s response was clearly not what he expected.

“Listen,” Mustafa replied in a video that has since gone viral. “I’m not gonna say I’m hating on the fit, but let’s move on ok?”

Lil Nas took the comment in stride, but fans on Twitter had a different reaction.

“OH MY GOD WHY WOULD SHE SAY THAT,” one Twitter user wrote. “I’ve never seen an interviewer like….give their honest opinion….”

“She really could’ve kept that to herself,” another wrote. One fan tweeted, “She chose violence on national TV.”

However, other fans didn’t see anything wrong with Mustafa’s response and thought people misinterpreted her comment.

“I took this completely different than y’all are. To me it was like she was trying to say ‘I’m not gone say I’m hating, but I’m hating’ but instead she said let’s move on lmao,” one person tweeted.

“God y’all misinterpret everything. This wasn’t shade,” another wrote. One Twitter user argued, “Nobody should ever lie! Why would u teach people that?”

Awkward red carpet moment aside, Sunday evening (Sept. 12) was overall a triumph for Lil Nas X. The star performed his smash-hit “Industry Baby” with Jack Harlow and took home three Moon Person trophies — Video of the Year Award, Best Direction and Best Visual Effects — for his headline-dominating “Montero (Call Me Be Your Name)” visual.

See Lil Nas X’s interaction with journalist Jamila Mustafa and fans’ reactions on Twitter below.