Boston radio host thinks rap music is throwing Cam Newton off
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Boston radio host thinks rap music is throwing Cam Newton off
“In between every throw he’s dancing. He can’t help himself,” Zolak said.

A former New England Patriots quarterback is weighing in on what’s holding back current Patriots quarterback Cam Newton. Scott Zolak, who played for the Pats from 1991 to 1998, recently blamed the rap music being blasted through the speakers at the Patriots practice facility for Newton’s performance.

Through two preseason games, thus far, Newton has completed 12-of-16 passes, thrown one touchdown and passed for just over 150 yards. The numbers aren’t too bad for Cam’s limited action but perhaps Zolak is referring to the dual-threat QB’s 2020 season — where he passed for just eight touchdowns and threw 10 interceptions as the Patriots missed the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.

“I’d turn off the rap music first of all,” Zolak said on Boston radio’s 98.5 “The Sports Hub.” “Because I think it’s distracting for Cam here. Because in between every throw he’s dancing. He can’t help himself”

He makes a throw and then [dances]. The music’s still cranking here, I know you can hear faintly in the background here,” Zolak added. The sports talk radio host believes the Patriots first round draft pick quarterback Mac Jones, however, is “here to work.” “Everything is attention to detail,” Zolak said.

According to TMZ Sports, Zolak was reporting live from the Patriots practice Thursday (Aug. 26) when he made the remarks about both quarterbacks. The music choice at the team’s practices likely aren’t being selected just by Newton. In fact, last month, Newton told reporters Jones is a fan of hip hop as well.

Cool like the other side of the pillow,” Newton said of Jones. “You never really know when he’s down on himself. You don’t really necessarily know when he’s up either. He’s real cool. I’m surprised of his knowing-ness of hip hop music. You catch him in the locker room every time quoting some Future, some Baby. But those are the kind of things you got to learn with time.”

Zolak’s opinion may not go over well with some but it’s worth noting the Patriots’ official color analyst did end his rant by saying, “That’s Cam’s style.” His co-host Marc Bertrand also pointed out that the dancing is nothing new for Newton, who signed a new one-year contract with the Pats reportedly worth nearly $14 million.

Listen to Zolak’s comments below: