Photo: Courtesy of Cover Art
  /  08.27.2021

There is no secret at all that Curren$y is one of the most consistent and thorough artists to ever grace the industry. With every release, it almost takes little to no effort to support this truth and that is one thing that separates him from the rest. Spitta is really one of those artists where it’s like “if you know, you know” — there’s really no grey area between knowing what’s up or not when it comes to the music and the vibes. Being the creator of what we’ve come to know as “lifestyle rap,” Jet Life’s top dog has set the tone for over 15 years and at the rate he’s going, there doesn’t seem to be a stop sign in sight. Today (Aug 27), Spitta joins forces with the one and only Trauma Tone for the release of their joint album Highest In Charge.

Any time Spitta and Trauma Tone link up in the studio, there’s a 99.9999% chance they’re dropping nothing but heat soon after. The relationship between artists and producers and highly valuable and their chemistry on wax is simply undeniable. With Spitta providing the braggadocious, yet motivating and influential bars joined with Trauma Tone and his remarkable versatility on the beats, they never miss!

As the Lifers (Curren$y stans) are already hip, Spitta is known for collecting cars, watching classic movies, smoking sensational weed, and writing/recording music. Recently, he took to Twitter to not only announce this album, but four more joint albums he’ll be releasing this year: “Andretti x @TraumaTone highest in charge… Andretti x @Alchemist Half moon Bay …. Andretti x @Skibeatz Pilot Talk 4 …. Andretti x @TheCashFargo Land Air Sea Andretti x @KinoBeats Matchin Rolexes.” If that’s not stellar work ethic then, what is?

Equipped with a total of 10 records and no features, Andretti and Trauma Tone once again prove why they are one of the hardest rapper-producer duos out!



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