Lil Baby donates bikes to kids in hometown of Atlanta
Photo: Getty Images
Lil Baby donates bikes to kids in hometown of Atlanta
The “Bigger Picture” rapper also teamed up with Foot Locker to refurbish a basketball court for the children in Atlanta.

If there’s one thing Lil Baby is known for aside from his musical talents, it’s his philanthropic spirit. The rapper — who has given back to his hometown community on several occasions — recently put on his generosity hat to gift several bikes to children in Atlanta. The kind act was captured via footage that circulated on Twitter of a basketball court filled with bicycles of different sizes.

Aside from the bike donation, Lil Baby also teamed up with Foot Locker to remodel the community’s basketball court. “Baby puttin’ on for the city,” the sportswear retailer penned on Instagram. “We pulled up to the neighborhood with @lilbaby today. #HOMEGROWN.”

Lil Baby’s act of kindness comes just days after he held an event for kids heading back to school. At the drive, he gave children clothes, laptops, free supplies and items from Lil Baby’s Four The People Foundation merch. “At This Point It’s About The Kids! #generationalwealth,” he wrote on Instagram hours later.

Prior to that, Baby visited an Atlanta Foot Locker in June, purchased an entire collection of sneakers and gave them out to children in his neighborhood.

“Buying shoes ain’t what I mean by saving [my] community or giving back!!” he explained. “That was some shit I did cause I seen a lot of them had on flip flops. When I say save [my] community, I mean centers, programs, jobs. You can’t imagine the shit I don’t post…”

While Lil Baby’s continuous donations to Atlanta are often praised, the emcee once told Billboard that he has no desire to be a “role model.”

“My life feels like a responsibility,” he said. “I’m not even trying to be no role model, honestly. [But] now that I know that I am, I try to carry myself differently because I got people watching. I don’t even be doing what I really want to do; I do what I gotta do now.”

Look below to see the bikes Lil Baby donated to the children in Atlanta.