Diddy shares thoughts on “ugly” Richard Mille watches: “Save your money”
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Diddy shares thoughts on “ugly” Richard Mille watches: “Save your money”
The hip hop mogul urged fans to “buy a house” instead.

Diddy offered fans his honest opinion on the Richard Mille watch craze. In a series of videos shared to his Instagram Story on Wednesday (Aug. 25), the 51-year-old mogul said he thinks the watches, which cost anywhere between $80,000 to over $2 million, are “ugly.”

“I’m not a hater,” Diddy prefaced his argument. “I’m not a hater; I’m a connoisseur of fly shit. And I’m just telling y’all, y’all are getting tricked by the Richard Mille.”

The hip hop icon added that he actually owns a few watches made by the Swiss luxury brand, but never bothers to wear them. He even compared the expensive accessory to Timex watches, which is an affordable option available at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and other stores.

“The Richard Mille is [like] a Timex [watch] or some shit like that. You understand what I’m saying?” he continued. “Y’all, it’s not hot. I have like two or three. I never pull them out. They’re ugly. I don’t even wanna hate.”

Rather than coughing up tens of thousands of dollars for an “ugly” wrist piece, Diddy offered followers some advice on what to spend their money on instead.

“I don’t even know Richard Mille, but fuck it. I’m on some Black shit,” he said. “Black men: save your money and go buy a house.”

The Story was later captured and posted on Instagram by The Neighborhood Talk, where many followers agreed with Diddy in the comments.

“I’ve been sayin this the past few years,” Safaree wrote.

“About time somebody said it,” another person wrote. “They look like toy watches that we used to get in kids meals from McDonald’s.

Besides weighing in on watch trends, Diddy is also currently working on launching an R&B record label. Earlier this month, he revealed to Vanity Fair that the label will include “50–50 partnerships with pure transparency.”

“… I feel like R&B was abandoned and it’s a part of our African American culture. And I’m not signing any artists. Because if you know better, you do better,” he told the outlet. “… We don’t own hip hop right now. We have a chance to — and I’m going to make sure that — we own R&B.”

See Diddy’s comments about Richard Mille watches below.