White man scolds partner after she racially profiles Black man at gas station, calls him drug dealer
Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
White man scolds partner after she racially profiles Black man at gas station, calls him drug dealer
The partner of “Gas Station Karen” intervened when she tried to taunt the man and his wife.

Footage has surfaced of a white man who berated his wife for racially profiling a Black couple who was attempting to fill their car with gas. Over the weekend, Nikki Chanel Harbor posted a TikTok video that she captured as she pulled into a gas station.

In the clip, the white couple argues with each other, and at one point, appears to get physical. The woman is spotted as she throws things out of their car. The man subsequently pushes her into the vehicle moments before she slaps him.

Erin, who’s been dubbed “Gas Station Karen,” noticed that she was being filmed and walked over to Harbor, who stopped recording the footage.

As she confronted the Black couple, Harbor started filming the second video, which captures as the man scolds Erin and attempts to prevent her from taunting Harbor and her husband, Isaac.

The white man yelled at his girl as she approached the Black couple, telling her to get into the car so she wouldn’t get “her ass beat.” The woman proceeds to call the man a drug dealer, to which her man responds, “Why? Because he’s driving a fucking Buick?”

“We felt very racially profiled,” Harbor said of the encounter on TMZ. “I mean, we can’t even get gas?” Per the second clip, when the white woman walks away from her man, he gets up and issues an apology to the Black couple.

Following the recent incident, Gas Station Karen now joins a list of “Karens” aka white woman who police the actions of Black people. “Victoria’s Secret Karen” trended after a white woman charged at Black woman and began to play victim once the cameras started rolling. Videos of “Central Park Karen” also went viral after she called the cops on a Black birdwatcher who asked her to put her dog on a leash.

Look below to see the white man as he scolds his partner.