Guapdad 4000 and P-Lo hop on Chippass’ “Oooh (Remix)”
Photo: “Oooh (Remix)” cover art
Guapdad 4000 and P-Lo hop on Chippass’ “Oooh (Remix)”
It’s a Bay Area affair.

Back in February, Oakland’s very own Chippass unleashed his “Oooh” single, but has since decided he wanted to add more to it. He circled back around to recruit fellow Northern California spitters Guapdad 4000 and P-Lo for its official remix, and the two proceeded to add their own flavor while keeping the Bay Area integrity of the track. On the song, he rides the TheMekanix-produced beat and drops some names:

Cheated on you, no entanglement, Jada Pinkett/ With The Mekanix shootin’ a video, Snoop was smokin’/ On live with Dame Lillard, goin’ crazy/

Then, Guapdad takes over with his verse, which is wild as usual:

Hit it from the back that shit so wet thought it was juice/ I choke her while she hangin’ like it’s a noose, used to steal clothes from Abercrombie with the moose/ I know your pussy really ain’t this loose, I know they wanna investigate my moves/ I know they wanna impersonate my crew

Recently, Chippass also dropped off songs like “CUZZO” with Fonte and “Hit Em Wid That Green Dot” with Thizz Latin Hayward. His most recent project was BLUITT, which was released back in 2020 and has features from Gucci Bandman, Young Mezzy, Flip, Choose Up Cheese, and Buck Igr. In terms of other recent Guapdad collabs, he recently locked down a major win when Rick Ross hopped on his “How Many” track from his 1176 project.

1176 is a joint project with fellow Filipino !llmind, and the two circled back to release a deluxe version as well shortly after the original drop. The album includes features from Buddy, P-Lo, and Tish Hyman. Guap also was featured on tracks like Bri Steves’ “GAF” and SAINVIL’s “Ashley.”

Be sure to press play on Chippass new remix of “Oooh” featuring P-Lo and Guapdad 4000.