Yebba and Smino join forces for her new single “Louie Bag”
Photo: “Louie Bag” cover art
Yebba and Smino join forces for her new single “Louie Bag”
The song is expected to appear on her forthcoming album ‘Dawn.’

Yebba is steadily gearing up for the release of her forthcoming album, Dawn, and the 26-year-old gospel-rooted singer is easing fans into her world with her fresh new single “Louie Bag.” Equipped with an assist from Smino, Yebba expresses her emotions she felt during the period following her mother’s tragic suicide. The track features some raw lyrics to narrate the pain:

It was a stormy winter, I watched the city burn and ever since I can remember/ That’s just the way it hurts, and it goes on & on & on/ Like I can never see the pinnacle of it all / Put it in my Louie bag, don’t let it overflow

Move it in ship it out/ Tell me if they want some more cause I get that fire it’s coming for you now/ Friends are fallin off talking shit for no reason checking all my locks cause it’s robbin season now/ They cut my palms with paper, made from her autumn leaves/ I’m bleeding out disclaimers

According to the songstress, the record took years and years of rewriting. Upon its release, Yebba made sure to express her gratitude to the people who helped bring it to life, and also delved into what went into making it.

“It took 3 years to write this song and come to a solid version of this record,” she reflectively writes. “Thank you to Mark Ronson and DJ Dahi for the extra help making this record what it is. I think me and James Francies must’ve recorded 15 different versions officially and jammed it 70 or 80 times before time settled the dust and brought about the clarity of this piece. I’m very very proud of us because we work hard for years, and we don’t give up. We allow our lives and perceptions to change fluidly while always being unwaveringly ourselves.”

Be sure to press play on Yebba’s brand new lyric video for “Louie Bag” featuring Smino down below.