In a recent viral TikTok posted on Wednesday (July 28), Lizzo spoke out in response to a rumor that she was responsible for someone’s death after stage-diving.

In the minute long video, the hitmaker explains that although she’s seen “a lot of annoying things about [her] on the internet,” the only thing that really grinds her gears is a supposed rumor that she stage dived at one of her shows and killed somebody as a result.

She goes on to deny the fact that she’s ever stage dived in the first placed and airs her frustration about anyone associating her with killing somebody saying, “Y’all really going to put that on my motherfucking name? Like, I know I’m big, but bitch, I’m not that fucking big.”

To further prove her innocence, the “Truth Hurts” singer demonstrated for an audience of 17 million followers what it would look like if she were to do such a thing by belly flopping on her bed.

She captioned the video “STOP THE ‘CAP’” with a hat emoji to signify the word “cap.” The TikTok has since garnered over 2 million likes. This video is among several TikToks on Lizzo’s account where she shares stories, dancing videos, workouts and so much more. She has also used the platform as a space to connect with her fans. She can often be seen duetting with other users and hyping them up. In one particularly popular video, the superstar is seen posing with hair products sent to her by a fan who owned a small business.

In more serious times, Lizzo has also taken to TikTok to open up about her own struggles with her mental health and body image. In 2020, she spoke to followers frankly about the times when she views herself negatively. The Grammy winner described having a moment of “hating [her] body” and not feeling confident in her body. In the end, she assured herself that she is beautiful and that she would “get through” her momentary feelings of insecurity.

Outside of TikTok, the “Tempo” singer seems to have some music in the works as she was seen in the studio with Mark Ronson. In addition, Lizzo has plans to perform at Bonaroo and Firefly festival as a headliner in the fall.

Watch Lizzo’s response to the bizarre rumor below.