Bassist, producer, and composer Brady Watt has teamed up with Westside Gunn and the legendary DJ Premier for their latest single “The Narcissist.” The new collab comes paired with a hand-drawn visual and has received so much love since its initial drop that Watt and Premier decided to hop in the lab and do a live rendition of the track. As the new visual takes the viewer through an animated journey, Gunn delivers his lyrics with his signature grit:

You better pray six times a day, praise both/ Kill you and your mans with the same scope, you lames broke/ My pockets longer than train smoke, I’ll let your brains float (Ahh) fatality, shell casings droppin’ casually (Boom boom boom boom)/

You’re not half of me, I’ll walk through your blood happily (Ahh)/ You ever had a gun in your mouth like a cavity? Amiris got so many rips, they lookin’ raggedy/ Lord I kept the Cullinan in the factory (Skrr) Got a mil’ plus of art

Brady Watt made sure to express his gratitude with a few words at the time of the drop, especially for the artists who put in their hard work to make the accompanying visual come to life. “It’s with great honor I present to you ‘The Narcissist,’” he proudly writes. “With Westside Gunn AND the DJ Premier collab I HAD to do something next level artistically that will live forever so I empowered Nashua native @healthyjim and @tiredjustwakeup to create a HAND DRAWN visual art experience. It took 4 months+ of straight work.“

Although this was Brady Watt’s first official release of 2021, he was surely busy last year nonetheless. In 2020, he contributed to a few singles including “Back Around The Way,” “Summer,” “Push On Thru,” and “Wavridin.” He also recently locked down his first Gold plaque for his hard work on Jack Harlow’s debut album That’s What They All Say.

Be sure to watch Brady Watt, Westside Gunn, and DJ Premier’s collab track “The Narcissist” down below.