/  07.21.2021

Jim Jones’ side hustle as a weatherman is on the line pending the results of the forthcoming battle between The LOX and Dipset. According to a recent Instagram post, opponents Styles P and Jadakiss are already preparing to take over his duties.

On Tuesday (July 20), Styles shared a video on his page, informing fans of his plans to become “the new weatherman” following the Verzuz competition.

“It’s the new weatherman, Jim will be out of business after August 3rd, so I’m practicing the weatherman,” he said in the one-minute clip. “As you can see, I’m in Harlem, New York. What up, Harlem? I love y’all.”

“I just want to say after August 3rd, I’m going to be the new weatherman,” he continued. “If I ain’t going to be it then Kiss will have to fill in, or we’ll do this shit together. After August 3rd, no more weatherman for Capo. It’s over.”

As Styles made his announcement, Jadakiss — who recorded the footage — focused on his friend’s tapping foot — a signature move made by Jones in his weather reports — before panning the camera to capture his own foot tap.

Exactly a week ago, Verzuz excited hip hop fans, specifically New York ones, with the announcement that Dipset and The LOX would duke it out in a battle that is scheduled to take place on Aug. 3 at Hulu Theater’s Madison Square Garden.

Since then, Styles P has claimed that his team will come out as the victors of the competition.

“If you got us losing, you can’t be thinking about lyrics because when it comes to that…no one is in position to challenge our expertise!!!!!! No one…..!!!!!” he wrote in one of his many tweets about the battle.

“Knowing the meaning of words is important!!” he wrote in another. “Verzuz is a celebration someone told me. Fux outta here!!! Soon as I hear someone verse…I’m thinking of competition, and the celebration dont come to the body drop!!!!”

Though Jones hasn’t given much attention to the shots thrown his and Dipset’s way, he did let know Styles know that he is not afraid. “Aug 3 we can’t be friends for 24 hours. It’s up. I ain’t scared of no ghost,” he wrote referring to Style’s new project, Ghosting. “Nigga I’m a ghost buster.”

See below for some of Styles P’s thoughts on the battle as well as the comment Jones left under his post.



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