Last year, and even the year before it, Doja Cat had some dealings with so-called cancel culture, and now, she’s got some some analysis about how to deal with such moments.

Popping out for an interview with Power 106’s Nick Cannon Radio Show today (July 19), the “Say So” artist breaks down different ways to deal with being canceled, speaking on the positive or negative effects that come with each method. In her breakdown, she emphasizes the importance of being apologetic and non-combative.

“There is times where people will understand you’re apologetic—or they don’t have to accept your apology at all, which is completely fair—but it’s how you handle it and I think that if you are combative against people who are continuously trying to tear you down, it doesn’t benefit you or the other people,” she tells Cannon.

If you recall, Doja was accused of being in racist chat rooms last year, and in the past, she was called out for using a homophobic slur on social media years beforehand. Doja doesn’t address those specific instances in this interview, but she does say that if you’re dealing with people who want to bring you down, the best way to handle it is show love instead of hate.

Elsewhere in the interview, Doja spoke on the misogyny that women rappers face, noting the way they’re thought to be shallow if they embrace their sexuality.

While Doja has faced controversy in the past, a lot of things have been going well for her in 2021. Last month, her new album, Planet Her, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. As if that weren’t enough, last week she was announced as a performer at the upcoming Global Citizen Live 2021. Other performers include The Weeknd, Lizzo, Usher and more.

Watch Doja Cat offer her thoughts on cancel culture, misogyny and more below.