/  07.17.2021

On “Tell the Vision,” the third track off Pop Smoke’s new posthumous album Faith, Power 105.1 radio host Angie Martinez talks about the Brooklyn-drill rapper’s “tragic” death.

“Pop was here last week,” she says on the Kanye West-produced track. “He was talkin’ about Brooklyn and the place Brooklyn was at. How they were really like, thrivin’ like right now. He was, you know, he was tryna, pull people up with him. He wasn’t even into where he was about to be. He was trying to get there. He was well on his way.”

On Friday (July 16), more than a year since Martinez reminisced about the rapper on radio, she sat with his mom, Audrey Jackson, and brother Obasi Jackson to discuss justice for Pop, his new album and his legacy.

During the interview, Martinez recalled Pop was the first guest she had on her show after taking a hiatus — due to a serious car accident. “It was literally my first interview back and he did not disappoint,” Martinez said. “He came in, he had cookies, he had flowers, he was lovely…After the interview he hung out, he played us music, we laughed and he stood on the table and danced for us. He was acting up, he was showing out. But it was an honor for me to have had that moment with him and I’m glad that we did.”

Mrs. Jackson, who is featured on the album’s intro “Good News,” said that “it’s easier” to hear her son’s voice on Faith. “He does sound different on this, his sound, his style, it’s different,” she said before admitting she hasn’t listened to Pop’s first album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon

Through the Shoot For The Stars Foundation, Mrs. Jackson continues to celebrate her son’s legacy and give back to the youth the way Pop had planned to. The nonprofit is sponsoring the second annual “Pop Smoke Day” this year, which will include a festival, food giveaway and a youth summit, according to Mrs. Jackson.

In regards to justice, Pop’s mom said that she’s “grateful” law enforcement has identified the individuals responsible for her son’s death and they are behind bars. “They’re off the streets, they’ve been caught. They need to serve some time. Throwing them under the jail isn’t going to bring him back, taking their lives isn’t going to bring him back but as long as there’s a real consequence,” she said. “I feel like they didnt have to do what they did,” Obasi added. “Now, you deserve the ultimate penalty.”

Watch the full interview on “The Angie Martinez Show” below: 


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