Another internet moment has come full circle—or, at least, it’s probably about to.

On Thursday (July 15), hours after a fan went viral for flawlessly spitting Mike Jones’ verse from “Still Tippin’,” the Houston rapper responded to the video by reposting XXL’s tweet with the clip to his Instagram account. Now, Jones wants to connect with the fan.

“Can somebody find the dude that spit my verse , & have em DM me,” he wrote in the caption for the post. “Gotta show em love on LIVE or something , cuz that was 💯 & came out of no where‼️ let’s me kno and hopefully let y’all kno, that real music can’t & wont die! Cuz I’m on top N*gga ( Hey … Hey!!! ) New Music / New Tours dates on the way! 281-330-8004 Back Up.”

This whole saga began unfolding after a TikTok star interviewed people about how someone can make their way out of the hood. After walking toward the camera to try to address the question, one man quickly realized he didn’t have the answer. What he did have was Mike Jones’ epic “Still Tippin’” verse memorized, and what seems to have been years of experience rapping the lyrics, so he went to work, and the next thing you know, he was viral.

If Jones does connect with the fan, it won’t be the first time that the creator of a viral moment gets to interact with the rapper who inspired it. Last week, J. Cole finally met Mark Phillips, the man behind the funniest Cole meme on the internet. They met on the set of Bas’ “The Jackie” video, and when they did, they took the time to recreate Phillips’ meme. It was seemingly a touching moment for all involved.

Check out Mike Jones’ response to his fan for yourself below.