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  /  07.15.2021

Every once in a while, through all the endless nonsense, the internet gives us something good, and today is one of those days.

On Thursday (July 15), Mike Jones began trending big on Twitter after video of a man randomly spitting the rapper’s timeless “Still Tippin’”verse during an interview surfaced earlier this week. Now, folks are taking a moment to remember the song and enjoy the display of pure fandom.

“Mike Jones said ‘my gasoline always supreme,’” began one Twitter user. “As an adult who now purchases gas weekly, I now understand on a spiritual level how much of a flex that is.”

“My notifications started going crazy, Good to see Mike Jones getting his flowers this morning,” wrote another fan.

The interview that led to Mike Jones’ timeline dominance began with an interview posted by Texas-based TikTok user Israel Padilla. In the clip, Padilla asks some folks on the street how to get out of the hood.

The two initial interview subjects offered up bits of advice centered on saving money. From there, a man asks Padilla about what question he’s posing, and after Padilla asks him, the man says that he doesn’t know the answer because he’s never been to the hood. From there, he begins spitting Jones’ under appreciated verse, and the initial interviewees show him support.

While Jones might be more renowned for his phone number gimmick than his bars, it doesn’t take a hard listen for a true rap fan to recognize that he’s spitting some serious fire on “Still Tippin’.” With tight rhyme schemes, spurts of swift flows, and hyper-specific flexes, it’s definitely an example of lyrical exercise.

The track, which was released all the way back in in the fall of 2004, also features stand out verses from Slim Thug and a young Paul Wall. But for now, the focus is on Mike Jones. Check out reactions to the man spitting Mike Jones’ classic verse for yourself below.


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