50 Cent is a man of many titles. After his recent sit down, it seems he’s adding “DaBaby’s mentor” to his list. On Tuesday (July 13), DaBaby let his followers know that he linked up with 50 — who he’s looked up to for some time — and walked away with a few gems.

“Somebody I been studying for a MINUTE lent me a few hours of his time today,” he wrote. “Niggas so scared to let me in the room they fucked around & let me end up in the room w/ @50cent. BIG MISTAKE! Beyond grateful for the game. Couldn’t have come from a better source. Now watch me put this shit to use.”

50 caught wind of the post and commented, revealing that he plans to share a lot more with DaBaby and hopes that he would continue to apply the lessons. The mentorship role, he added, would allow him to assist in the “Suge” rapper’s continued development — something he started to do with Pop Smoke before his untimely demise.

“I lost Pop [Smoke] before he could get it, This one already got it and he listen,” 50 Cent penned in the comment section. “I’m a teach him all the mistakes I made, so he can be better than me. THIS IS HIP HOP!”

The Queens native took an interest in Pop, especially after many compared the late emcee to a young 50. Their first meeting, however, initially didn’t go as smoothly as he thought it would.

The experience was a little weird. Because when I first started talking to him in the office, I was watching and he would look down at his telephone,” 50 once told the New York Times. ”He was typing at the same time. And there was a point where I’m like, ‘Is he listening?’ I got up so I can kind of see what he was doing, and when I got to the other side of the table, he wasn’t not paying attention to me, he was just writing what I said down. Dead serious.”

After the meeting, the “Power” star maintained a relationship with Pop Smoke and attempted to guide him down the right path until he passed away. In the wake of his death, he helped put together his posthumous debut album, which continues to break Billboard records. It’s not clear whether he’s involved in FAITH, the posthumous project that is set to drop on Friday (July 16).

See DaBaby’s post below.