50 Cent just had some words for a Utah gun company that recently unveiled a firearm that looks like a children’s toy.

For a since-deleted Instagram post that was uploaded today (July 14), 50 Cent posted a screenshot of a story about Culper Precision facing backlash for their Block19, a gun customization option let gun owners get their Glocks encased in Lego building blocks. 50 apparently isn’t cool with the design.

“This looks like they are trying to market guns to the kids,” 50 wrote in the caption. “This is not okay cops will start shooting little kids playing in the park.”

According to company president Brandon Scott, the Block19 is a customization that is available to people who’ve already bought “Gen 3 or 4 Glock 19.” For a while, people who owned those guns could trade those guns in and have a Block19 returned to them for “around $600.” The company announced the Block19 in a June Instagram post.

In a world where people like 12-year-old Tamir Rice are fatally shot by police for holding toy guns, 50 Cent’s point isn’t one to scoff at. According to the Washington Post, Lego sent a cease and desist letter to Culper Precision, and if you check the Culper website, you’ll notice that the gun customization, originally unveiled in June, is no longer available. In a statement to the Post, Scott spoke on Lego’s reaction to the Block19.

“They had a similar reaction to you,” Scott explained. “Where it was like: ‘Is it wise to make a gun look like a toy?’”

This news arrives about a week after it was reported that 50 Cent was developing a new TV show. This one is called “Unrapped,” and explaining it, 50 said it was like a hip-hop “American Idol.”

“I am excited to expand my relationship with ABC,” 50 told Deadline of his plans for a new TV series. “‘Unrapped’ brings G-Unit Film & Television’s ability to put incredible music and musical talent on screen to the competition space.”

See a screenshot of 50 Cent’s post calling out the gun company for yourself below.