Last week, Lil Duval sparked a trending topic when he described DaBaby as being this generation’s Ludacris. Now, DaBaby’s come forth to say that’s not something he really agrees with.

Speaking with Billboard at the BET Awards 2021 yesterday (June 27), DaBaby addressed comparisons between himself and Ludacris. While he admits he takes inspiration from the Georgia rapper, he doesn’t see them as being that similar.

“I wouldn’t even say we’re one of the same,” Baby said. “I feel like that’s too commonly used. I think people use that too lightly. I was inspired by Ludacris’ creativity with his music videos. [I was inspired] by a lot of people. Not only people like Ludacris, but people like Nelly. I mean, everybody.”

DaBaby goes on to say that he’s also taken inspiration from visuals that 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and others made when it comes to how he approaches music videos. “I feel like as the generations unfolded, people from every era was inspired by somebody from the era before them,” he said.

Considering that he was born in the early 1990s, DaBaby’s inspirations make a lot of sense, and pinpointing any one artist he’s taken a lot of things from probably isn’t as easy as some people make it seem. That said, with his rapid-fire flows, booming baritone and knack for zany visuals, it’s hard to say a Ludacris-DaBaby comparison doesn’t have merit. It’s just not one DaBaby himself happens to agree with.

In other news, DaBaby recently unloaded “Red Light Green Light,” a casually ferocious new song that showcases all of the quick-fire stylings DaBaby has become known for. In the three days since the song and accompanying visual were released, it’s gotten over 5 million views on YouTube. Needless to say, DaBaby, who performed at the BET Awards 2021 yesterday, has done a pretty good job carving out his own lane in the world of hip hop.