On Monday (June 28), JAY-Z and Square CEO Jack Dorsey hopped on Twitter Spaces to discuss TIDAL. Earlier this year, Hov sold a majority stake in the streaming service to Square for over $300 million.

During the joint call, JAY reflected on the evolution of TIDAL playlists and revealed that he himself curated many playlists while his team worked to automate the process.

“In the beginning, everything was like super manual. I was making playlists, people were making playlists… we were creating content in-house as we worked on the algorithm,” he explained. “We built and built, and it got really good. And if you play a song now, you can pretty much just let TIDAL fly and I promise you you’re gonna find new music, new amazing music, that you’ve never heard before.”

In the process, Hov said he became so good at making playlists that he now believes himself to be a “top tier” curator.

“I’ve found so many songs. My playlist game is A++. I challenge anyone out there, I see a lot of people on this call… but I’m definitely in the top tier of playlist creators,” he said.

JAY also responded to questions about the playlists that TIDAL creates for Verzuz battles. The 51-year-old rap mogul said playlists are being “actively” curated on “a daily basis” and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“I think that because we were solely focused on music and artists, we did things that were just a part of the culture. I guess one of the best examples is the way that we don’t have anything to do with Verzuz, but the way that TIDAL interacts with that… if it’s popular in the culture and it moves in the culture, we want to be nimble enough to react to that,” he said. “Just reacting to anything that’s going on… and we’ll continue to do that.”

During the call, Hov and Dorsey also said they’re planning to expand other original content on the platform and bring in new systems to help artists reach “financial freedom.” Hear JAY talk about curating playlists on Twitter below.