Let the record show, Curren$y has certainly proven himself to be one of the greatest to ever do it — not only from the south, but overall. Alongside 1017 Records CEO Gucci Mane, Spitta is the most consistent rapper in the history of rap. It took him some time to reach the status he has today — having signed with Master P and No Limit Records and then Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment (before doing things his own way).

Little did we know at that time, Spitta would immediately apply endless pressure. Having one of the most polished catalogs in the industry and a loyal fan base, he has provided us with a number of great projects in recent times. Today, he puts his Jet Life imprint to the forefront with the release of their Welcome To Jet Life Recordings 2 album.

The album serves as the follow up to the collective’s Welcome To Jet Life Recordings album released in December 2020. Judging from the sound of the two, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume that Spitta and the Jet Life imprint will continue to release these label albums (maybe) once a year. With these type of albums flowing left and right, it will only be great for the label itself, giving some shine on other New Orleans rappers and Jet Life affiliates showcasing their musical abilities. This is what a great owner/CEO does — puts their people in positions to win. That is exactly what Curren$y is proving himself to be.

Speaking with Flaunt Magazine, Spitta spoke on being one of the most cherished independent artists in the game: “Well, it comes from staying true to myself. It’s a testament to any artist that’s starting out and thinking about changing their sound to become more successful. If it’s not in your heart, you don’t have to do that. Stay true to who you are if you. If you stay in the course, eventually the universe will work it out for you. The people who you’re making music for will catch wind of you.”

Peep Welcome To Jet Life Recordings 2 and be sure to put your loved ones on to the Jet Life Records artists.