People have a lot to say about Derek Chauvin after he was handed a sentence for the death of George Floyd.

Earlier today (June 25), Chauvin, who was convicted of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter, was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for the charges.

While a sizable amount of Twitter users are celebrating the sentence, some think that Chauvin, who pressed his knee into George Floyd’s neck until Floyd died last year, got off easy.

“Derek Chauvin deserves WAY more than 22.5 years in prison. he killed a Black man ON CAMERA,” wrote Twitter user Shmorolll. “22.5 years is not enough. he took a mans life. Black people have gotten longer sentences for drugs than this man did for murder. Let that sink in.”

Another Twitter user noted how much prison time one of their family members had to face for a nonviolent offense. Twitter user Trishamott wrote: “Derek Chauvin only gets 22.5 years (Parole in 15 ) for MURDERING George Floyd, while my brother sits in prison serving a MAXIMUM MANDATORY 25yr sentence (NO parole) for a NON-VIOLENT drug crime!?”

Some Twitter users think the system as a whole is inadequate and that because Floyd is still dead, they don’t see Chauvin’s sentence as a goal. “I don’t think a prison sentence is justice, abolition is the goal,” writes @Aptly_engineerd on Twitter. “It could have been 1000 years and George Floyd would still be lost to the very system punishing his killer. But I also have family who will never leave prison while Derek Chauvin will be out in 15, & that hurts.”

“Derek Chauvin killed #GeorgeFloyd in front of other Black children while that man was begging for his life and he might be out of prison in 15 years… no way i’m jumping for joy,” wrote Twitter user TheNewThinkerr.

You can see other reactions to the sentencing for yourself below.