Lil Duval started a Twitter debate on Thursday morning (June 24) after he claimed that DaBaby is this generation’s Ludacris. The comedian made the comparison between the two rappers’ music videos and showed how Luda’s creativity has inspired a new league of rappers, perhaps in particular the Charlotte, North Carolina native.

For example, Duval shared a picture from Luda’s iconic ripped look in his 2004 “Get Back” video. “So this ain’t something DaBaby would do?” he tweeted. Duval proved his point by posting a picture from DaBaby’s “Suge” video, where he also donned huge fake arms.

On Twitter, fans gave Luda his props for inspiring the younger generation.

Ludacris is one of the FEW artists that came out in the early 00s making exciting videos,” one person wrote. “Gave us classic albums!!! Word of Mouf, Red Light District, Chicken & Beer.”

Some agreed with the comparison. One fan tweeted, “Entertaining, larger than life lyricist. I see it.”

Another wrote, “I said the same thing. It’s the artistry.”

Other fans disagreed that Ludacris and DaBaby are similar rappers, but saw the influence in videos and style.

“As far as music videos and humor I agree. The bars? No. But you can def see the Ludacris influence on him,” one fan tweeted.

“Luda, in very wise rooms, might be considered the best rapper [Atlanta] has ever had,” another wrote. “DaBaby is [the second] coming of T.I. Same flow at first on all songs… [and] huge self-confidence,” another wrote.

Duval also tried to pinpoint Lil Baby as this generation’s Jeezy.

Lil Baby got the streets how Jeezy had it in his prime. Especially in Atlanta,” he explained.

However, he later reversed his decision and compared Lil Baby to T.I.

What do you think of Duval’s comparison? See the comedian’s initial tweets and the ongoing debate below.