If there’s one fan group you shouldn’t mess with, it’s the Beyhive. After Trick Daddy made headlines and trending topics for his controversial comments about Beyoncé, her loyal supporters rallied together to virtually attack the “Nann Nigga” emcee and one of his establishments.

On Tuesday afternoon (June 22), members of the Beyhive took to Google to write negative reviews of Trick’s Miami restaurant, Sunday’s Eatery.

“Disgusting food. Seriously though. The service was so subpar. Definitely do not recommend this restaurant, they can’t even sing,” wrote Remy Overkempe.

The food was appalling!!” added Corey Goldman, another member of Bey’s loyal fan group.

“I’ve never in my life tasted such filth. The Lemonade, on the other hand, was divine,” he added, referencing the singer’s 2016 album.

A third fan, Jaylen Sweat, called the restaurant out for its food. “The food was undercooked but tasted overcook the restaurant smelled like wet dog, but there was a delightful bee’s nest outside waiting,” the Bey supporter penned. All Beyhive comments were written alongside bee emojis to differentiate them from other reviews.

The attacks from Beyhive members eventually continued on other platforms. The singer’s fans inundated the comments section of his personal Instagram page and the restaurant’s account with bee emojis. An overwhelming number of reviews on Yelp led the company to temporarily disable users from posting content on the page. An investigation is underway to ensure that the new reviews reflect visitors’ true experiences.

The unfavorable reviews of Sunday’s Eatery were all responses to Trick’s unexpected thoughts about Bey’s singing. Per the conversation, he claimed that the Beyoncé “can’t sing.” Hours later, he doubled down on his statement, noting it was his “unpopular opinion.”

Trina, a friend and longtime collaborator of Trick, subsequently disassociated herself from his thoughts and posted a video collage of the Houston native. “ALL day, Everyday… The Queen,” she captioned the montage.

See below to see the reviews from Bey’s fan group.