Althogh Young Dolph already released multiple bodies of work this year alone, he keeps his foot on the gas by continuing his momentum. The Memphis star recruits Snupe Bandz and PaperRoute Woo for his latest single “Nothing To Me.” It arrives accompanied with a new visual, which sees Dolph chilling in the sky in his private jet while being surrounded by stacks upon stacks. On the track, Dolph isn’t phased by the lifestyle because he’s used to it now:

I dropped the location, she pulled up in thirty minutes, now she suckin’ on me (Woo)/ Now I don’t need nobody to do nothin’ for me, n***a, I’m bustin’ for me (Fire)/ I went and got it and put my tags on it

N***a, I don’t do nothin’ for free (Bitch) the double R truck sit in front of the mansion/ I cashed out four hunnid Gs (Bitch) you catch a body, I’m gon’ pay the bail and the lawyer/ It’s nothin’ to me (For real, though)/ I’m a rich n***a, I’m greedy as fuck, so I get what I want and I need

Young Dolph has definitely been active in recent months. This past March, he and his Paper Route artist Key Glock dropped off their joint release Dum and Dummer 2, featuring current hits like “Aspen,” “RAIN RAIN,” and “Penguins.” The project put their chemistry front and center, as it totaled a lengthy 20 tracks but had no features and only consisted of collab tracks between the two. His last solo effort, Rich Slave, made landfall last August with 16 dope cuts — the top five body of work was then re-released early this year in deluxe format, adding on eight more songs for fans to enjoy.

Be sure to watch Young Dolph’s new music video for “Nothing To Me” featuring Snupe Bandz and PaperRoute Woo down below.