Beyoncé is “cooking some music,” according to recently-released audio shared by her Destiny’s Child sister Michelle Williams.

In the recording — which appears to be promo for Williams’ new book Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved My Life – and Can Save Yours — the sisters, Kelly Rowland included, are heard checking in on each other and giving updates on their lives.

After Rowland reveals she’s cooking some chicken and rice soup, Williams asks Bey if she’s “making musical soup,” to which she responds, “I’m cooking some music. That’s Chef Boyardee and Chef Boy-Kelly.”

Though Bey has sporadically posted photos and birthday tributes on her Instagram account, her last full-length project, Black is King, was released in 2019 ahead of the Lion King remake.

Besides working on music, she’s also made time to show up for her fellow Destiny’s Child members.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Bey and Michelle virtually supported Rowland when she gave birth to Noah and rushed to see him in person soon after he was born. The picture of Rowland’s youngest son meeting his aunties was used as the cover art for William’s post.

In another shared audio recording, after Williams admits that she wasn’t always “truthful” about how she was feeling, Beyoncé and Rowland are heard assuring her of their unconditional love and support.

“You have to allow yourself to hold a safe place and a safe space for all friendships to be able to check in. It’s a blessing to be able to have that. If it’s your person, there’s nothing they’ll judge you for,” Rowland said. “That’s the greatest thing Destiny’s Child has ever given me. My gift of friendship with you ladies.”

“Absolutely,” Beyoncé added. “Kelly and I feel so honored we are now your safe space where you can express any and everything. We know you are that for us, and you’ve always been that for us, so we’re just happy to be along this journey and happy to witness the birth in your new chapter.”

“It’s [been] 20 years,” she continued. “It (our friendship) ain’t going nowhere.”

Check out Williams’ promo posts below.