Bruno Mars sold a portion of his 232-song catalog to music publishing company Warner Chappell Music.

According to a Billboard report, the pop star gave up some rights to part of his catalog “more than six months ago” but kept minority stake of the songs the company acquired. The terms of the deal, which was handled by Mars’ lawyer Scott Felcher, have not been disclosed.

“I began my career at Atlantic, and it made sense to keep my business in the family, with the team who have supported me and grown with me,” Mars said to Billboard of his deal.

“This is me doubling down with people I trust. We’re just at the beginning of the journey, and there’s so much more to come.”

Guy Moot, CEO of Warner Chappell, also expressed excitement about the deal.

“Bruno is a creative genius and it’s a huge honor to deepen our relationship with him,” he said in a statement. “At the heart of his immense talents is his incredible songwriting, which he honed for years before he became a recording superstar. Like only a true great can, he’s mastered and transcended multiple musical genres with extraordinary originality and versatility. The world will continue to fall in love with his songs for generations to come.”

The news of Mars’ recently-announced deal with Warner Chappell Music comes after he became the first artist to earn diamond certification for five singles: “Just the Way You Are (12-times platinum),” “When I Was Your Man (11-times platinum),” “That’s What I Like” (10-times platinum), “Grenade” (10-times platinum) and “Uptown Funk! (11-times platinum).”

“Love you hooligans,” Bruno penned to fans following his most recent accomplishment. “Thank you for rockin’ with me throughout this incredible journey. We’ve only just begun.”

Look below to see the tweet Bruno Mars wrote to his loyal fans.