Plans appear to be underway for a Verzuz battle between Bow Wow and Romeo Miller. On Saturday (May 15), the two rappers traded shots on social media while their fan’s input helped both of their names become trending topics.

In a video clip, shared by Romeo on Instagram, he and Bow Wow talk to one another over the phone about setting up an official matchup.

“We always said we’re gonna do this and that, I think we really gotta put some shit together where it’s me and you where it’s gonna benefit even financially and then even getting those roses we both deserve,” Romeo says.

We definitely going to do some shit. When it’s definitely time we’ll talk about it. I’m with it,” Bow Wow replies.

“We put in too much time as youngins not to reap the benefits,” Romeo continues. “That’s all I’m saying. Rockstars do it all the time, 80 years old reaping the benefits off some shit 40-50 years ago.”

Bow Wow sounded interested and even said he’s open to “catch up” when he gets to LA. But only time will tell if this highly anticipated Verzuz duel will actually come to fruition.

Romeo wrote a lengthy caption on the post explaining that he and Bow Wow’s relationship is a lot better than the Internet may think it is.

“I told @Shadmoss I was gone post this convo because people take things more serious than us and they don’t even know our real life friendship and tone. So [I] just wanted to give some insight. No matter the topic (good or bad), not a reality show. But like I told him today, lets finally do something TOGETHER, before the world ends preferably. The industry put us against each other for too long, it’s time to celebrate each other my brother. Life is short. PS: I’m a business man not a fighter.”

Fans have requested to see the two formerly lil rappers square-up since Verzuz launched last March. With the original format, Bow Wow and Romeo could have participated from the comforts of their home on IG Live, however Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s platform has evolved over the course of the past year. Last July, Timbaland offered to discuss a potential matchup for Bow Wow after he initially said he thought Bow Wow might not have 20 hits to play during the event.

Check out the convo below: