At the tail end of 2020, Larry June slid in one last project Numbers after a busy and successful year. He’s been peacefully quiet since then, with a few features here and there, but the Bay Area rapper is officially back with his latest single “Wait On Me.” The new track sees Larry smoothly spell out his infatuation for a certain someone:

Would you wait on me, or would you walk away, walk away? You so beautiful to me, you make me wanna stay, wanna stay/ If you gon’ love me, love everything I come with. I did some shit in my past that I’m stuck with/

It made me a man and it gave me a plan, I still believe in miracles, I go as hard as I can/ Hot water and lemon, on my way to a play/

Named after one of his most popular ad-libs, the aforementioned Numbers project includes features from Ro James, Dej Loaf, Jay Worthy, Monroe Flow, and more. It kicks off with “From Uncle Herm pt. 2,” which is a continuation of a track featured on his Keep Going project with Harry Fraud. It’s his second solo project of the year, his first being March’s Adjust To The Game. Aside from his own solo bodies of work, Larry has been extra busy this year with collab projects, dropping off his Cruise Usa project with Cardo in May, Orange Season (Deluxe) with Cookin’ Soul, Keep Going with Harry Fraud, and Cooks & Orange Juice with Berner back in October.

In a previous interview with REVOLT, Larry June spoke about why he plans to influence the masses with positivity, and since then he has kept his word:

“In music, you can promote other sh*t. You can do whatever you want to do as long as you’re happy. When you’re happy and living freely, you don’t have too much sh*t you worry about. Like the street sh*t, but it’s good. I come from the streets though, I was introduced to different lifestyle where you can live peacefully.”

Be sure to press play on Larry June’s brand new single “Wait On Me” down below.