Kanye West and his Sunday Service Choir provided a touching layer to DMX’s memorial service at the Brooklyn Barclays Center last month. Swizz Beatz facilitated Ye’s involvement and in his recent interview with Hot 97, the Ruff Ryders producer said it didn’t take any negotiation to get Kanye onboard.

“It was a very genuine act of love and support from Ye,” Swizz said. “You know, it wasn’t too much talking. It wasn’t no negotiating. X showed up to [Kanye’s] Sunday Service and was a big fan of it, so I knew that this was something X would want to do and Kanye was more than happy to facilitate his expertise and his choir. Shout out to the entire Sunday Service.”

The Sunday Service Swizz referred to occurred on St. Patrick’s Day in 2019, where DMX gave a powerful morning prayer to the choir’s crowd.

“It was last minute… people didn’t know what we were dealing with behind the scenes,” Swizz continued about the memorial. “It wasn’t televised, but when people got in there the stage was still being built because everything was so last minute… but we didn’t wanna stop and said, ‘You know what? Keep it going.’ And shout out to the Barclays Center for having super patience with us.”

Swizz also explained the decision to give DMX a final ride in a huge monster truck and the thousands of Ruff Ryders motorcyclists that accompanied him through the New York City streets.

“You know, we just wanted to send our brother home in a very, very amazing way and something that people haven’t seen,” he said. “Even the monster truck… because DMX loved remote controls so much. It just felt funny putting him in a hearse. It’s like, ‘Nah, my brother belong in a monster truck, you know? This is the dog. 10,000 bikes, let’s go.’”

“And to see the monster truck coming across the bridge with all of the riders behind it… I know that he was up there smiling and to see the production as a reflection of his life at the Barclays Center streamed worldwide,” he added. “I know that he was happy with that as well and it was amazing… thank you for everybody that contributed to that.”

Elsewhere in his interview, Swizz also discussed what fans can expect from DMX’s forthcoming posthumous album, Verzuz updates and more. Watch the full chat on YouTube below.