While riding his momentum, Kenny Mason has now delivered Strays 02, a one-of-one live performance visual featuring back-to-back verses from Kenny’s recent project, Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut as well as last year’s debut, Angelic Hoodrat. The performance starts off with his hard-hitting verse off “Rih”:

I show you the technique, I show you the TEC, freeze/ I know the effects, my n***a that catch plays, want me to set screens, sort of like tech geeks, I accept my homie that bet games havin’ his best week

I’m tryna invest, I may not be as street as the next, but live on the next street, ho don’t test/ Stick with the red beam, Boba Fett, stick with no Ed Reed on defense, that mean the safety off it, yes/ Even with AC, got ‘em sweatin’, thinkin’ we ain’t eating gotta say, even for KD, that’s a stretch

The 12-minute visual was recorded in a single take, unedited and uncut. It features some of Kenny’s hardest hitting bars and rapid fire verses, showcasing his awesome rapping abilities while offering fans a taste of what’s to come later this summer when Kenny hits the road on tour for the first time since the explosive release of “Hit.” The title, “Strays” has the implied double meaning of stray verses from his recent project as well as stray dogs, a common theme within the Angelic Hoodrat universe.

The first installment of Angelic Hoodrat made landfall back in 2020, and included cuts like “Metal Wings” and “Petty Thoughts.” He dropped off a slew of singles so far this year like “Rih,” “Play Ball,” and “Pup” to lead up to the release of the project. Kenny Mason can also be heard assisting fellow rap peers on projects like Deante Hitchcock’s deluxe version of BETTERand Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats’ UNLOCKED 1.5.

Be sure to tune into Kenny Mason’s brand new live performance video of “strays 02” down below.