Back in September, Baby Keem dropped his two-song pack for his tracks “hooligan” and “sons & critics” and then followed up with “no sense” last month. It’s about that time again, as he releases his latest single “durag activity,” which features Travis Scott was preceded with a post sharing the cover artwork that follows the exact same artistic style of the tracks that came before it. On the track, Keem opens it up by gliding over the SuperDuperBrick production:

Freak bitch keep starin’ at the Draco, typed out loud, but promise I’ma make my days long/ Fuck up a bitch n***a in my bae clothes, askin’ question, all my friends are fake hoes/ Double up, no triple six, you’re typin’ less, used to do it nine to five, no double shift/ If he don’t share the ho, he’s not my friend/ He playin’ greedy with the bitch, come get your mans

The new release is said to be taken from Keem’s forthcoming album THE MELODIC BLUE, which may or may not also contain the previous double single release “hooligan/sons & critics.” Prior to that, he liberated the full-length project DIE FOR MY BITCH in 2019, a 14-track offering boasting breakout cuts like “ORANGE SODA” and “FRANCE FREESTYLE.” Add in his inclusion into last year’s XXL Freshman class, and it’s a safe bet that plenty more from Keem is on the horizon.

Although Keem isn’t one to be out on the scene too much, fans heard from Keem last year during a published conversation with Kendrick Lamar. The two discussed what Keem felt attributed to his growth:

I think that one thing that has helped me grow from last year to now is the little mini tour. I did the mini tour before all this going on, seeing how many people actually care about the music. It was tight seeing that and taking that home. I’m just grateful I got to experience that, because without that I don’t know where I would be right now. You were supposed to be out, I was supposed to be out. I’ve had a year to sit down and just think about the next experience.

Be sure to press play on Baby Keem’s new track “durag activity” down below.