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  /  04.26.2021

Last night (April 25), during the 93rd annual Academy Awards, Daniel Kaluuya was named this year’s Best Supporting Actor for his role in the biographical film, Judas and the Black Messiah. The victory was a proud moment for the star who took time to pay homage to Fred Hampton, who he actually portrayed in the movie. However, the win was also an opportunity for him to poke fun at his mother’s sex life, which he proceeded to do.

“You got to celebrate life, man! We’re breathing, walking, it’s incredible. It’s incredible. Like, it’s incredible,” he told viewers of the award show. “My mom met dad, they had sex. It’s amazing. I’m here.”

The comment was met by laughter from audience members, but among all the surprised faces, Kaluuya’s mother, Damalie Namusoke, appeared to be the most shocked. As the camera panned to her face, she seemed to go from a look of confusion, anger and then embarrassment within a matter of seconds. She is captured saying, “What is talking about?” before she placed her hand on her head. The entire time, Kaluuya’s sister had already cupped her face in her palms.

Namusoke’s look has since circulated on social media alongside memes and captions poking fun at her reaction to Kaluuya’s acceptance speech.

Kaluuya’s mother reminded many of their own moms. “Daniel Kaluuya’s mom is all of our moms I love her so much,” wrote one user.

Others joked that Kaluuya’s mother was going to punish her Oscar-winning son. “Daniel Kaluuya’s mom is going to have some words for Daniel when he gets back up to his seat,” one person tweeted. “Daniel Kaluuya’s mom will beat his ass in the elevator,” added a third person.

One individual applauded the person behind the camera who thought to capture the reactions of Kaluuya’s mother and sister, and a few who find the star attractive expressed gratitude for his parents’ sexual encounter.

Jemele Hill even chimed in on the conversation, tweeting, “I feel like Daniel Kaluuya did this is for all the kids whose Mom publicly embarrassed them at some point. That said, based on Moms reaction… Daniel might wanna go pick a switch before he comes back to the table.”

Check out some of the reactions to Kaluuya’s sex joke and his mother’s ensuing reaction.


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