One thing about music in modern days is its ability to blur lines in regards to genres, essentially creating an entirely new art form for everyone to enjoy. One rising star behind said renaissance of sorts is EYEAMKI, who has been making huge waves with her music via social platforms like Tik Tok — an outlet that’s quickly become a launching pad for many of your favorite artists. Last month, the Los Angeles-based talent liberated her latest single “Great! Big! Party!,” a genre-bending number that’s geared toward all who have pushed through to fully express themselves void of fear — especially in regards to our beautiful Black women.

The accompanying clip for “Great! Big! Party!” is a lesson in style, fashion, and art, with EYEAMKI waltzing around in various locations while demonstrating her profound individuality. Viewers can see her in a bathtub, in what looks like an automotive graveyard, and in front of a wall of televisions adorned with various messages — “The television will not be revolutionized,” “Badvertising,” “Some things never change,” “‘Standard’ of ‘beauty,’” and “Inaccurate representation of reality,” among others. It’s also dope to see the inclusion of others around her throughout.

In addition to “Great! Big! Party!,” EYEAMKI also liberated infectious cuts like “Romeo!,” “My Reality,” “Catscratch,” “Big Daddy Dracula,” and “Madam!” — the last of which, as is explained by the artist and her team, keeps with the aforementioned themes of assertiveness in the midst of persecution:

“The whole premise of the song is that my mouth was shut. I couldn’t sing or talk. Then I cut my mouth open and am able to speak. The whole point is not shutting up, telling people who you are, standing up for yourself and your people, and continuing to express yourself in the face of evil and strife.”

Press play on EYEAMKI’s “Great! Big! Party!” video.