As the hip hop world continues to rally around DMX, many are looking deeper into the music industry and calling out the structures that failed to prevent this tragedy.

Master P spoke about DMX’s hospitalization with TMZ and said rap artists need to form a union to receive better support.

“DMX is an icon and I just hate that we have to wait ‘til something happens to one of these guys, or to one of us, before everybody really starts saying how much they care and they love you,” he told the outlet. “I mean, we gotta figure out how to prevent that. The truth hurts. Drugs done killed a lot of our great ones and sent a lot of ’em to prison, and I’m praying for DMX and his family. And I hope that people start celebrating these icons while they’re alive; imagine all the stuff we could’ve prevented for DMX, to help him.”

Master P further compared the music industry to the NBA and pointed out that there’s no safety net to protect artists.

“I feel like hip hop need some type of union,” he added. “The NBA have it. What happens when a guy fall off? After he done sold millions of records—even a female—what happens? We need that.”

“… Think about it, [in] the NBA, when they done, they go to SportsCenter [and] they can sit around… Where do hip hop go? Back to the hood,” he continued.

The No Limit Records founder said he wants to start educating artists and music lovers on how the industry could better support its talent.

“My thing is, the education that we could invest into the next generation… we could prevent this,” he said. “… But I hope that we hold the people accountable — the people that own the big companies, that’s getting paid off of [DMX’s] music — to be able to say, ‘Let’s prevent this from [happening to] the next generation.”

DMX has been on life support since suffering a heart attack on Friday (April 2). TMZ previously reported that the heart attack was caused by a drug overdose, but this has yet be confirmed by his family. The rapper has endured a long battle with drug addiction, which began when he was just a teenager.

“There will never be another DMX. He’s one of a kind,” Master P added. “So, I hope that God spares [his] life.” Watch his conversation with TMZ below.