Baby Keem continues to follow in cousin Kendrick Lamar’s footsteps in regards to pushing the boundaries of art — especially in regards to his music videos. Today, he dropped off a new clip for his latest single “no sense,” which is produced by Keem and Jahaan Sweet and sees the Carson, CA-born, Las Vegas, NV-bred rapper going through the motions of an ex-relationship:

“Don’t be showin’ out when you with your mans, dawg, please don’t let me catch him on my ends, dawg, it’s a thousand ways to misunderstand, dawg, it’s a thousand ways that we can make amends, dawg/

And you know he only love you when your pants off, I showed you light, I showed you grown man talk, age differences between us, on our last, dawg…/”

Directed by Savannah Setten, the visual for “no sense” begins with a view of identical, almost Matrix-like buildings, eventually zooming in on Keem through a window. Things get increasingly detached throughout — a large mob of people runing through a courtyard and a group of women playing dominoes at breakneck speed are a couple of the notable scenes. Towards the end, Keem looks frantically for a car in a parking garage feels with identical cars — upon finding it, he then drives off a ramp in said garage to his presumable death.

“no sense” is said to be taken from Keem’s forthcoming album THE MELODIC BLUE, which may or may not also contain the previous double single release “hooligan/sons & critics.” Prior to that, he liberated the full-length project DIE FOR MY BITCH in 2019, a 14-track offering boasting breakout cuts like “ORANGE SODA” and “FRANCE FREESTYLE.” Add in his inclusion into last year’s XXL Freshman class, and it’s a safe bet that plenty more from Keem is on the horizon.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy Baby Keem’s “no sense” video below.