Keyshia Cole seems to be contemplating her retirement from music. On Wednesday (March 17), she took to Twitter to react to the $1,400 stimulus payments that were deposited in the accounts of most eligible Americans. Amid her tweet, she managed to hint at an end to her music career.

“#stimnyHitsAccount RETIREMENT SOUNDS GOOD. This is funny! Hella! Just thought I’d join in on the fun,” she tweeted. “I’m serious about retirement…but this is funny.”

Cole fans responded to the tweet with pleas for her to reconsider her plans.

“Please Keyshia you’re too young to retire!” one user wrote. “We love your music, and I think you love music too! Please reconsider your decision.”

Another supporter tweeted, “You can retire after album 8 drops!!! This is a compromise!!!” A third person expressed a similar sentiment writing, “Give us ONE MORE good album, and you can retire all you want ma’am.”

Cole first sang her way into our hearts in 2005 with the release of her debut album, The Way It Is. which featured hit singles, “Love,” “I Should’ve Cheated” and “I Changed My Mind.” She’s since dropped six more albums, including her most recent project, 11:11 Reset, which came out in 2017.

At the top of the year, her voice, music and years-long dedication to her craft was celebrated by fans who tuned into see her compete against Ashanti in a Verzuz. Despite two delays, the singers successfully put on a show that helped them pull more than 11.3 million streams since their battle, as of Feb. 1.

Aside from the brief notice about Cole consideration of retirement, it is not clear when she plans to end her singing career. Fans are still awaiting the release of her eighth studio album, which she promises will come soon. “I’m gonna have to move at my pace with this one,” she told a fan who asked whether she plans to nix the entire project.