A year and some change ago, Giveon took the R&B world by a storm by releasing his debut EP Take Time. Millions of streams and even a Grammy nomination later, Giveon makes sure to express his gratitude by releasing a newly repackaged version of of his first two EP’s. The title is a combination of the two titles When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time.

Along with he release, Giveon made sure to thank fans with a brand new visual as well for one of his well-loved hits “Heartbreak Anniversary,” which finds him in a reminiscent mind set. On the song, Giveon remembers every detail about the day his heart was broken:

Balloons are deflated, guess they look lifeless like me/ We miss you on your side of the bed, mmm/ Still got your things here and they stare at me like souvenirs/ Don’t wanna let you out my head. Just like the day that I met you, the day I thought forever/ Said that you love me, but that’ll last for never/ It’s cold outside like when you walked out my life. Why you walk out my life?

Earlier last year, Giveon took some time to explain the inspiration behind the song, which was just his expression of how to cope with a day that continues to hold so many lovesick memories when it rolls around each year. “So ‘HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY’ is just the anniversary of a heartbreak,” he says. “Say you guys are heartbroken on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Every time Valentine’s Day comes around you kinda revisit the pain and revisit the sorrow. So with this song, I tried to make pain sound beautiful.”

Back in October, R&B’s new favorite followed up his debut EP with When It’s All Said And Done, After quietly releasing original music for a few years, Giveon was thrust into the spotlight thanks to his vocals on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle,” coupled with the release of his own breakout single “Like I Want You.”

Be sure to press play on Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary” music video down below.