Last month, Sylvan LaCue released the first offering of his three-part Young Sylvan trilogy. He’s now back to deliver the official visual for the fan-favorite track “Clam Chowda” from the project. Over a triumphant beat, LaCue is seen grooving with a saxophonist and trumpet player as he cooks up some clam chowder while delivering his verse:

Ain’t shit I’m about to bow for, shells on my back got me feeling like Bowser/ Pull up by myself dawg fuck you bring a crowd for/ You ain’t in the field dawg, you be in your browser/ Bread bowl, Clam Chowder Lime on my trout got my bitch on my trousers/ N***as done switched up again, wowsers/ These days I’m the only one I ever vouch for/ Woah, hold up, wait, don’t be nervous, I do everything on purpose/ Love my free time told my n***as text me first before you call unless its urgent/ Freak on my leash

Prior to this was his 2018 album Apologies in Advance. Along with the recent release, Sylvan has made sure to pair it with a visual (“Young Sylvan Back”) and include a set of rules he wishes for fans to follow. “Please believe I will be enforcing them expeditiously,” he writes as he lays out the guidelines, which included things like “First rule of Young Sylvan is you do not ask Young Sylvan about Young Sylvan” and “Must be to at MAX levels.”

Be sure to watch Sylvan LaCue’s new music video for “Clam Chowda” down below.