At the end of last month, Curren$y dropped off his latest project Collection Agency, which sees 10 new tracks from the New Orleans legend and a single assist from Larry June. Today, he dropped off a visual from said release, his “Shout Out” cut featuring his aforementioned Bay Area right-hand man. In the new video, the two dish out some laid back vibes as usual as Curren$y takes care of the opening verse:

I could pull up with you a couple spots and have you poppin’, open the door for you, I know everybody watchin’/ Understand I got options and I place you on top ‘em, but it’s your spot to lose/ This life come with some rules, we laced in real jewels, champagne ain’t nothin’ new, swear that’s just what we do/ Whether the camera on or off, we still lookin’ cool, n***as mad I been stuntin’, so I hear they huntin’/ My OG hipped me to it, I know how y’all comin’/ You comе run up on me, I swear, you get laid out for nothin’

Last year saw Curren$y releasing a generous amount of projects, many of which were collaborative offerings with others artists or producers. These included The Tonite Show with Curren$y with DJ Fresh, Spring Clean with Fuse, and The Green Tape with Cardo. He and Harry Fraud created a notable amount of music together as well, providing fans with The OutRunners, The Director’s Cut, and Bonus Footage.

Larry June’s most recent body of work is NUMBERS. Named after one of his most popular ad-libs, NUMBERS includes features from Ro James, Dej Loaf, Jay Worthy, Monroe Flow, and more. It kicks off with “From Uncle Herm pt. 2,” which is a continuation of a track featured on his Keep Going project with Harry Fraud. It’s his second solo project within the span of a year, his first being March’s Adjust To The Game.

Be sure to watch Curren$y’s new video for “Shout Out” down below.