Pharrell has teamed up with Miami nightlife aficionado Dave Grutman to bring a new, lavish hotel to South Beach. Grutman and Pharrell have aptly named their spot, The Goodtime.

In a cover story featured within the latest issue of Ocean Drive magazine, the business partners discuss their plans for the extravagant hotel which is set to officially open next month.

“The Goodtime will light up this community,” Pharrell told Ocean Drive. “People are going to be inspired by what we’re doing here. It will be good energy, good vibrations, good space and, of course, a good time.”

Grutman, who also owns Miami staple LIV, could’ve handpicked just about any entertainer to partner with.

“He could look at me as just another musician, but he sees more than that,” Pharrell said. “He sees things that people sometimes don’t know about themselves, and he sees things in the community that maybe, just maybe, the community hasn’t seen in itself in a long time.”

“He knows who to have in the room, at the right time, to make the right things happen,” he added.

Grutman says the “Frontin’” producer came up with it.

Pharrell said to me, ‘I think we should name it The Goodtime as one word—and really change the narrative,’” Grutman recalled. “That’s been our whole vision for everything we’re doing.”

The inside of the seven story space — which occupies an entire block on Washington Ave.— will be decked with bright, Miami-centric decor, pieced together by world-renowned designer Ken Fulk.

There are 266 boutique-style rooms for guests to drop off their luggage, and rest. But patrons will probably spend most of their stay at the spacious pool deck, which is equipped with an outdoor bar, VIP lounge area, cabanas and enough room to host live entertainment.

The restaurant on site is called Strawberry Moon and will offer Mediterranean cuisine plus popular American dishes. There’s an indoor and outdoor gym on the premises as well, but the highlight of the hotel — its multiple recording studios — are hidden beneath ground level.

“We’re offering people the opportunity to make magic downstairs,” Pharrell said. “People will know that while they’re on-site, magic is being made downstairs. And when they come upstairs to the third floor, they’re greeted with a 30,000-square-foot pool deck, where arguably, magic is happening too.”

The Goodtime is scheduled to open its doors in April. Rooms can be booked in advance through the summer for as low as $155 a night.