The beautiful and talented Kelly Rowland has always been a special component in within the R&B realm. Since the release of her debut album Simply Deep back in October 2002, she has proven she’s built for this. Lately, Kelly Rowland has been spoiling fans with new music and she is showing no signs of slowing down. The Grammy-winning singer couldn’t have picked a better time to drop off her new EP, K, simply due to the fact that black women are really thriving in the industry right now — specifically in the Rhythm and Blues department. This may be a surprise drop for some of you, but bon appetit.

To give a little background for your perspective, Kelly’s career has been great for the most part but has certainly had its not-so-good moments, and to see her land on her feet the way she has in recent times — it’s a blessing to witness.

To those of us who’ve been watching Rowland over the years (some of us, the majority of our entire lives), her music has always felt like it was lurching toward a breaking point. The clues were hiding in plain sight (or, rather, sound). In 2003, Rowland had just enjoyed the success of her solo debut album and the early success of its single, “Dilemma,” initially deprived Beyoncé’s solo entries “Work It Out” and “’03 Bonnie & Clyde.” But one year later, when “Crazy in Love” hit the radio, it became clear to fans everywhere that watching Beyoncé was bearing witness to history in the making.

Fast forwarding through her toxic relationship with her ex fiance and other downfalls through the years, the Atlanta singer has managed to beat the odds set against her and continue to deliver great music and pleasing her fans. Kelly’s new EP K puts her immaculate skills on display and it’s a great sight to see.

Stream it below.