Moneybagg Yo issued an apology after he tweeted boasting about the millions of dollars he made during the pandemic.

On Monday (Feb. 15), the “Said Sum” emcee posted a few tweets talking about how much he prospered during the last year. “Not gone lie, I made a couple Ms in da pandemic. Ion want it to end,” he tweeted. “I feel like the pandemic help a lot of people,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

After receiving tons of backlash from people on social media, he apologized. “I apologize to everybody I offended,” he wrote. “My comment was very insensitive. It was not my intent to hurt anyone.”

Moneybagg’s tweets received mixed reactions from fans. Some pointed out how millions of people around the world died from COVID-19. Others spoke about how some people have started businesses. Twitter user @alexandriiascot wrote, “You should delete this. Extremely insensitive. A lot of people died! A lot of people are unemployed. A lot of healthcare workers are overworked. READ THE FUCKIN ROOM!”

“Thank you because what you said just wasn’t right bro,” tweeted @jazmyn_crowell. “I been out of work for 8 months still trying to get my unemployment.. this shit gots to go. Then, plus millions of people died and lost everything.”

Twitter user @FyeeMyaa tweeted, “I mean, y’all he chose to bring out a positive thing about a negative situation. Instead of focusing on the bad, how about y’all actually take into consideration that this pandemic may actually could’ve helped a lot of people RICH OR POOR.”

“We understand. You’re just proud of your individual accomplishments during these trying times, but we must always be sensitive to the misfortune,” tweeted @justbtrill. “You’re a lucky man to make it through these trying times. We know you gave back to your hood so we know your heart.”