Rep. Stacey Plaskett used the powerful lyrics of Run The Jewels and GZA to argue why Donald Trump should be convicted during the second day of his Senate impeachment trial.

“The truth is usually seen and rarely heard,” the Virgin Islands delegate said on Wednesday (Feb. 10), quoting GZA’s lines from his Beneath the Surface track, “Breaker Breaker.”

“Truth is truth, whether denied or not,” she added, borrowing El-P’s bars in 2014’s “Early.”

“And the truth is, President Trump had spent months calling his supporters to a march on a specific day, at a specific time, in specific places to stop the certification,” she continued.

Plaskett also shared a snippet from her speech on Twitter, writing, “During my presentation in the impeachment trial yesterday, I made two references from the hip hop genre. ‘The truth is usually seen and rarely heard’ from GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and ‘Truth is truth, whether denied or not,’ from Run the Jewels.

Both Run The Jewels and the Wu-Tang member responded to Plaskett’s use of their lyrics on social media.

“Apparently my verse from ‘Early’ was just quoted during the impeachment, making it part of the permanent historical record of senate testimony,” El-P wrote on Instagram. “I’ll just let that sit here for a minute.

GZA also shared the clip on Instagram and tagged the rap duo.

According to CNN, Plaskett made history this week as the first-ever delegate to serve on a team of impeachment managers. Plaskett is in her fourth term representing the U.S. Virgin Islands’ at-large congressional district and because she represents a U.S. territory rather than a state, she was not able to vote on Trump’s impeachment last month. However, since she’s also a lawyer, Plaskett is now acting as a prosecutor against Trump in the Senate trial.

See her tweet and reactions from El-P and GZA below.