On Monday (Feb. 8), YFN Lucci was released from a Fulton County jail after being arrested for murder last month.

According to TMZ, the “Key To The Streets” emcee posted a $500,000 bond. However, the judge is requiring Lucci to follow a strict list of conditions while he is a free man. He has to surrender his passport, wear an ankle monitor and has to be at his required place of residence every day between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. The only thing that he can do outside of those hours is meet with his legal team, go to medical appointments and visit his children.

Additionally, Lucci is not allowed to have contact with any of the witnesses, victims or co-defendants of the case. He can’t associate himself with any convicted felons or known gang members. He also has to stay away from posting on social media and can’t visit a specific studio in downtown Atlanta.

Drew Findling, Lucci’s attorney, told TMZ, “The bond was negotiated last week and finalized today. He was released just before 4 p.m. There are a variety of conditions which is somewhat consistent with these cases, which included surrendering his passport.”

Last month, Lucci turned himself in after he was charged with murder for his alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of James Adams, which took place in December. He is currently being charged with murder, participating in criminal street gang activity, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Prosecutors say Lucci and several “gang members” drove to a rival gang’s area and opened fire. Authorities believe Adams was one of the men who fired his gun. He was hit in the head by return gunfire. Although he was still alive, he was “manually ejected” from the car and was later found lying in the street before being pronounced dead.