This year seemed like the best year ever for Tee Grizzley — not only was his mother released from prison, his brother, currently going as Baby Grizzley, also reached the proverbial surface. Since then, the brothers began turning up with hard-to-ignore bangers like “Twin Grizzlies” and — just last month — “Gave That Back,” the latter of which featured the Grizzley family reunited. Unfortunately, tragedy has once again arrived for the Detroit star, as it’s been reported that Baby Grizzley — real name Marcellus Wallace — has been indicted on a federal gun charge, and is now facing another 10 years behind bars.

Today (February 5), Tee Grizzley releases a new track titled “Late Night Calls,” an emotionally charged offering that sees him addressing his brother’s current predicament:

“I got a call last night, 3AM I know somethin’ ain’t right, say my brother got caught with a pipe, fuck you mean he got caught with a pipe, ain’t gon’ lie that shit killed me inside, but I’m happy that he still alive/ …

My n***a, you just got a deal, Momma just got back on appеal, wе ran the streets, turned up in the trenches, all that, now it’s time to be men/”

The Chopsquad DJ-produced cut also comes with a Ben Marc-directed visual that brings the melancholy vibe of the song to life, with Tee Grizzley waking up and walking through his massive, security-heavy residence while receiving bad news through a series of phone calls.

Tee Grizzley’s latest full-length body of work was last June’s The Smartest, a commercial mixtape saw 17 tracks and additional assists from Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Lil Keed, Queen Naija, and the Detroit Youth Choir. Prior to that, he released his official sophomore LP Scriptures in 2019.

Press play on “Late Night Calls” below.