Even as he still remains incarcerated, Max B has continued to deliver music to the masses. Just last year, he released both the EP Charly and the larger drop Wave Pack, the latter of which contained a healthy 26 cuts and features alongside Mack Mustard and Dame Grease. Thanks to French Montana, fans could also hear Max B on songs like “Paradise” and “Phenomenon,” along with other projects like 2019’s Coke Wave 4.

For his latest, Max B teams up with South London star Giggs on the new single “Bad To Tha Bone,” which features production from Paul Couture and sees the artists speaking on past issues and current legend with the help of a classic George Thorogood lyric:

“Visions to be the n***a, started flippin’ music, negro spirituals, they didn’t think that Bigg could do it, jag on chrome, put the mag’ to your dome, used to be super bad, now I’m just bad to the bone/

I’m b-b-b-bad, a couple mil’ in the stash, two hundred plus on the dash, I fucks with chicks with the bag, I’m bad to the bone…/”

While he wasn’t able to receive the same pardons from Trump as peers like Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, it does still appear that Max B will be seeing the light of day sooner than we think. In fairly recent past, he and his loved ones revealed how drastically his sentence had been reduced, from 75 years for his alleged involvement in a robbery gone bad to a reported 12 years — putting his release at sometime in 2021. The fact that loyalists and the likes of A$AP Rocky and Kanye West have kept Max B’s name alive since his sentencing over a decade ago, one can only guess how big the welcome would be if those prison doors open this year.

Until then, fans can enjoy “Bad To Tha Bone” below.